What Are the Dirtiest Things in Your House?

Perhaps you will be surprised by the germs that your house, which our professional house cleaning service CT can assist you with. For you to know better, check out the major dirty things found in your house. After reading this, make sure to provide them a great cleaning regularly.  

Cutting boards 

You tend to cut veggies, meat, and more on your cutting boards. Consequently, they could be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria especially if they aren’t properly cleaned. Think about utilizing separate cutting boards for your meat and veggies and thoroughly clean after every use. 

Moreover, guarantee that your wood cutting boards are made out maple hardwood and hand wash it or put it in a dishwasher with hot soapy water if you want to use it more. Then, rinse it with soapy hot water.  

Handles, switches, knobs 

Light switches and door handle undergo several dirty germs and hands. However, you should never neglect your stove knobs as well. Some of the unwary victims are the food splatter’s recipients and hands that get in contact with food and raw meat. To clean them, you need to remove and soak them in hot soapy water.  

To minimize the spread of germs shared among your household members, it’s best to disinfect and wipe down your light switches and door handles. Any place where your hand touches must be cleaned frequently.   


Our kitchen sponge is the ideal damp breeding ground for bacteria and germs. This is a material that we usually use when it comes to cleaning up any mess or spill with them as germs reside in their wet and nice home in the sponge.  

Sponges need to be sanitized every day. You can place them in your microwave daily for 2 minutes so that you can remove the germs, or you can choose to put it in the dishwasher as you run a load. Even so, we suggest that you change your sponge every 2 weeks or you can just use microfiber cloths.  

Coffee pot 

You might throw your coffee pot in your dishwasher most often. However, how frequently do you provide the entire machine a good cleaning? Did you know that the water reservoir is a breeding ground for mold and yeast? To remove the development of bacteria, you need to wipe the reservoir using a paper towel. Then, clean it every week by putting four cups of white vinegar and let it sit for 30 min. before you run it through a cycle. Use 2 to 3 cycles using fresh water until you eliminate the smell of the vinegar. 


If we want to clean our dirty hands, we immediately head to our sinks. Because of this, it’s undeniable that faucet could be a perfect breeding ground for bathroom or kitchen bacteria. So, you need to guarantee to clean your handles and faucets well regularly using a disinfectant that can help keep the germs from spreading all over your house.